Caves Campelo


As the Man shaped the Earth creating terraces and guiding its waterways to make it more fertile and workable, the earth also shaped the man with its cyclical rhythms, creating habits, sharpening customs and traditions that only feeding depend on it.

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It's about the close relationship between the Earth and Man Campelo has been working since 1951 under the name "Joaquim Miranda Campelo e Filhos, Lda.", giving us to know the best that together can do. Despite all the knowledge and will to the earth, he was at the beginning of this century with difficulties in dealing with the logic of the current market, and at this crucial point the vision and attitude of José Carlos Lima and Sons, which in a blow entrepreneurship, acquire in 2007 the company going to call it "Caves Campelo, SA.".

Combining all the know-how already evident in Campelo, the new input and knowledge of markets, economics and marketing, give the company what is needed to continue to serve you with best quality wines.

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